Sunday, October 30, 2011

Time to Meet Your Maki

One of the things I have always wanted to learn how to make is sushi. I have tried, but my rice never turns out and the rolls were uneven. Mind you I didn't have a proper mat either. None of this, however, stops me from coming up with ideas. Two rolls I would love to try and make are as follows:

The Fraser Valley Roll: Grilled trout of some sort (there are several species in the Lower Mainland) with shiitake mushroom, a tart cranberry paste and black sesame seeds inside. I picture this having the nori on the outside.

The Little Italy Roll: Salmon with prosciutto and mascarpone. It would be dipped in a tomato sauce. I see it being uramaki, that is non-traditional rolls with the rice on the outside.


Geosomin said...

sushi mats are totally worth it. That and little rice molds for nori. Even without them...they don't have to look pretty to taste good!
Mind you I'm a sushi and bento freak, so I've been picking that stuff up whenever I can. My brother got me a bento cookbook for my birthday - I"m dying to have the time to try out some of the stuff in it :)

Magnus said...

I need to take a sushi making course. I would basic and more traditional stuff and a lot of avocado based rolls. I have been reading up on how good avocado is for you, so I want to make it a feature part of my diet now.