Thursday, July 30, 2009

Next on my list


I was reading my latest addition of Vegetarian Times and salivating over the walnut stuffed eggplant and flipped a few pages further to see this:


And AND - you can even get a MINI DONUT PAN!


I have a twinkie pan from these fine folks at Norpro. It rocks... makes the finest derbies in the land. I haven't had homemade donuts since my Mum made them when I was little...and they are deep fried, so seeing as I am without a deepfryer (whish really is a good thing, trust me) I haven't made any.

I think I will be ambulating forthwith to the local Peppers and ordering myself one of these. I mean $15 for baked donuts? And Veg Times had a bunch of different recipes for them.


Friday, July 24, 2009

The Queen was not amused

Just tweaking things.
Not happy with it yet...I need some photoshop time...the logo have a long way to go.
I just couldn't put up with the food whore thing any longer...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mmmm, Chutney

So I made a salmon salad for dinner tonight. I had the assorted greens, the tinned salmon and... a very disappointing salad dressing I bought from Bulk Cheese Warehouse. Bulk Cheese is an exceptional place for food - despite it's rather factory sounding name. So when I bough their Greek salad dressing, I was expecting magic in a bottle. I hate store bought dressings by and large, thus I usually just use a vinegar or citrus and olive oil. From there I will add pepper, onion, garlic or whatever else as I require.
I added my dressing and there was no zip whatsoever. If I were Greek, I would sue the makers of this dressing for sullying the reputation of my people. That it uses canola rather olive oil should have tipped me off right away. What to do? I had no citrus and vinegar would not suit this at all. I added pepper. Hm. I added reggiano cheese that my Mum brought from BC. Better but no cigar. Then I tried the made in Zambia mango chutney that my Mum bought for at Christmas time from Ten Thousand Villages. Hit! Hit! Hit!
I didn't use a lot of it, just enough for some extra zip and it works well. If you are ever at a loss for what to do about a dressing, I would suggest giving chutney a try.