Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Best sausage in the world

My husband's lovely Aunt brought us some of the sausages of the gods when she last came to visit and we finally enjoyed them last night. She has amazing taste in food, so we have been curious.
Spolumbo's Deli in Calgary makes the most amazing sausages I have ever had. Now I'm not normally a fan of sausage unless it's Mennonite garlic farmer's sausage. I find it to be fatty and less tha flavourful...but this sausage is, for lack of a better phrase, "to die for".
Seriously. you have no idea.
So we had their chicken and apple sausage...grilled to perfection on the BBQ by yours truly, along with some coconut ginger rice and veggies. Light and flavourful...and slightly peppery.
The best sausage.
I've been told they ship and sell across Canada in some stores and deli...I'm looking into anywhere local. J's Aunt went on an on and on about this stuff. Now I know why. The next time J's Aunt comes out to visit I'll be humbly asking them to bring us more sausages. LOTS more.


grapecat said...

yum. I'll send you my bangers and mash recipe if you like. i was never really that into sausages until we moved to the uk where a good sausage is a form of art. and also brits have this way of saying "sausages" that just cracks me up.reminds me of a french receptionist at a place i worked who insisted on calling the long-suffering maintenance man her "little sausage budgie". is it only in the uk that the word sausage is inherently comedic?

Geosomin said...

Yes please...