Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I'm gonna make me a sammich. SAMMICH!!

My husband likes egg salad.
Up until recently, I would have said "me? not so much..."
My Mum, bless her heart, makes the blandest squidgiest egg salad in all the land, so I've never made it, other than when I had to in restaurants and such for work...and even then, other's tasted it to see if it was "good". She uses hardly any spices and her paprika was older than me, so as for proper salad taste? Well, I had no frame of reference...

Last year, I was tricked into eating a curried deviled egg by a bottle of shiraz and Maggie. She told me she made a wicked curry and fresh paprika devilled egg and that it also made good egg salad. So, I had some...she's cool. I trust her.

And you know what? Turns out I like curried egg salad and curried devilled eggs, with lots of paprika and curry. I like a lot. Now, I'll just up and make it for lunches or supper sometimes, even without J suggesting it.
I did tonight...and as I sat about relaxing/wasting time/becoming a crazy cat lady I thought "hey - the world should all get in on the yummy sammichy goodness".
So here ya go:


I like big seedy buns or pumpernickel bread, with some cheddar, lettuce, sliced cucumbers and sprouts and a few slices of apple and pickles on the side. J likes pepperoncinis in his. I glorp in the egg salad until it's enough...It's also yummy with crackers and in wraps...go nuts. It's yummy.

For 2 sammiches:

-3 hard boiled large eggs (boil 12-15 min and cool rapidly with ice water -easier to peel and the eggs don't go green inside) Cut up into small pieces with a knife...I don't mush them with a fork as I like the texture. If you're posh enough to have an egg slicer do that and cut across the middle.
-2 green onions diced up small
-One 3" piece of celery diced up fine
-fresh ground pepper to taste
-dash dill
-1 t curry powder
~1/2t paprika (or more to taste)
~1/3c light mayo (more if you like more goo)
~1/4t mustard (to taste)
-dash tumeric

Skoosh it all together and enjoy in the sammiches with all your favourite fixings. I've tossed in diced red pepper or some red onion when I lack celery or green's good too. It's even better if made a bit ahead...the curry flavour comes out a bit more.
Simple, but yummy :)


Magnus said...

Paprika is one of the best spices in the world - highly overlooked.

Crabby McSlacker said...

I just had egg salad for lunch today!

But just the boring variety. I may have to give the curried variety a try!